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Praxis yoga students in a group, smiling for the camera after a hot yoga class
Praxis yoga teachers witting on the floor smiling

Praxis Yoga


The rest will follow. We promise.

Praxis yoga is registered with the Safe Space alliance
Praxis yoga voted silver in the Indy's best of voting

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Praxis yoga students laying on their back over bolster cushions. Arms overhead for a back stretch

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Praxis Yoga

308 S 8th St Ste A, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905


Studio is open 15 minutes before and after each class. 

praxis yoga students in a shiva squat with one knee next to the opposite ankle
Praxis students balancing in a side lunge, also known as skandasana pose


Praxis yoga teacher posing in the hallway, being silly

Karen K

Since I started with Praxis Yoga, my significant knee injury, from many years ago, is now pain free and more flexible and stronger that it has ever been. I have always guarded the knee as it has always been painful. Taryn showed me safe and easy ways to get the knee to work properly. I am so happy that I can squat, kneel and run without pain. It has changed my life. I LOVE YOGA!!!!

Dana M

Praxis is a studio where anyone can go to experience a challenging workout that is fun, uplifting, intense, and motivating no matter where you are in your fitness game. Praxis creates a social fitness environment that holds you accountable and creates lasting connections in both mind and body. Whether you are experiencing an upswing of intrinsic motivation to be healthy or you know you need to encourage one; JUST SHOW UP! Taryn or one of the amazing, experienced instructors at Praxis will get you there if you let them.

Marcea F

I always wanted to try yoga, but I was too afraid to try it. It seemed like something only perfect girls with perfect bodies did. Not big girls. What if I couldn't move correctly? What if I couldn't do the poses that the other girls did? One day I thought "Fuck this. I want to at least TRY!". I have always admired Taryn and liked her attitude and sense of humor. I contacted her and asked her if I could try a private class. She said absolutely. When I showed up, I explained that I had zero idea of what to expect. She assured me that this was okay and we began our first (of many) sessions. She made me feel so incredibly comfortable not only around her, but IN MY OWN SKIN! I was never embarrassed if I wasn't very flexible at first, she cheered me on every single time. I cannot tell you what a transformational experience it was to learn to trust, accept and care for my body. I will never be able to thank her enough.


I have been taking restorative yoga with Suzanne Mariska at Praxis Yoga on Tuesdays the past weeks and it's been a relaxing and a luxurious experience for my body and soul.

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