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What to know for your first class

Q: Who should practice? Everyone!! Everybody is welcome!!

Beginner? Steady practitioner? Enlightened Badass? We love having you all of you! Our experienced teachers will help you feel accomplished and comfortable.

What type of yoga do we offer?

We offer many heated and unheated types of yoga in Colorado Springs. Hot Yoga and Hot Power Fusion are heated classes, ranging from 105-108 degrees with added humidity.  We also offer mildly heated classes like Vinyasa and YogiFit at 85-95 degrees, without added humidity.  Chair Yoga is unheated. See below for a more detailed description of classes. Many of our classes a suitable for yoga for beginners.

For credit or refund of your class we require a cancellation two hours before class start time.  Studio doors are locked during class, late entry is not available. Studio Doors open 15 minutes before each class. 

Cancellation and Late Arrivals

Mats and Towels are available for rent at $2ea. Reusable Water bottles available for purchase. 

Rental availability

We offer two individual unisex shower stalls, separate from our individual unisex bathrooms. 

Studio facilities

The entire parking lot of Colorado Place is available to you. Praxis Yoga is not responsible for items lost or stolen from your vehicle. We highly recommend keeping any valuables left in your vehicle out of sight in your trunk. 

We would prefer you not park in front of Billy's Pizza. 

Where should I park?

How soon should I arrive for class?

The studio doors will open 15 minutes before class. If you are new to the studio, plan on arriving at least ten minutes before class. The studio will be available to you up to 30 min after class. 

Which classes are good for beginners?

Our amazing teachers will offer some options during any class to bring it to your level and you are always welcome to take breaks. For slower, unheated class- check out our Restorative, Gentle Vinyasa, and Chair Yoga classes. 


Will I die in the hot yoga classes?

A mat, a towel, and a water bottle are all required for hot type classes, and are recommended for all others. We have all of the above available for rent, and we can take care of all of that when you check in. 

Towel Rental: $2 - Mat Rental: $2 - Reusable Water Bottles available to purchase

In an attempt to cut back on single use plastics, disposable bottles are no longer available. 


We highly recommend you drink only water during hot yoga classes, as other beverages can sometimes upset one's stomach during practice. 

For Hot type classes-You're going to get sweaty, so consider your drive home and outside temperatures when deciding whether to bring a change of clothes for after class. Praxis Yoga Colorado Springs does have showers available for use before or after class. 

What should I bring?


Hot Classes and Workouts: 16 yrs of age. Folks under 16 have a harder time regulating their own body temperature and that's not ideal for the hot room.

Unheated Classes: 12 yrs of age

What is the minimum age for classes?

Yes! Gift cards can be purchased in any amount at

You can even have the gift card sent to the recipient at a later date. All you need is their email address.  

Can I buy a gift card?

In order to foster an environment of clarity and focus, we do not allow cell phones to be brought into the studio rooms. Certain exceptions will be made with prior expressed permission from the instructor for urgent or on-call situations. If you feel that your situation requires your phone to be with you, please discuss this with the instructor BEFORE CLASS and appropriate guidance will be given. 

Under no circumstances are classes or portions of classes to be recorded without the express permission of all present during the practice. 

Can I bring my phone into class?

For credit or refund of your class we require a cancellation two hours before class start time.  Studio doors are locked during class, late entry is not available. Studio Doors open 15 minutes before each class. 

Cancellation and Late Arrivals

Praxis Yoga is a welcoming community committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all participants. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we ask that all participants adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Treat fellow students, instructors, and staff with respect. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to: Verbal or physical threats, disrupting class, unwelcome touching, insults, visible intoxication, sexually harassing comments.

  • Engage in class respectfully. Modifications to the practice are welcome, but a respectful level of participation in class is expected.

  • Maintain personal hygiene and avoid creating a mess in the studio.

  • Avoid disruptive behaviors that disrupt the class or the community atmosphere.

  • Arrive early enough  to start class on time.

  • Uphold zero tolerance for sexual harassment. Always treat fellow students with respect and kindness.

  • Maintain respectful behavior towards everyone in the studio.

  • You must be sober when attending class. Intoxication in the studio will not be tolerated.

  • Conduct yourself with integrity and contribute positively to the community atmosphere.

  • Cell phones are not permitted in the yoga room. If you need your phone for a specific reason, please discuss it with your instructor, the allowance of cell phones in the classroom will alway be up to the instructor's discretion. 

  • If you wish to take pictures in or around the studio, you must obtain consent from everyone in the shot, whether they are in the foreground or background.


Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Praxis Yoga.

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a respectful and safe environment for all members of the Praxis Yoga community.

Code of Conduct

We donate our lost and found every 8 weeks. Be sure to come back and get your items as soon as possible. 

I left my bottle/towel/mat/ pants/brain at the studio!

In the event of inclement weather, class may be cancelled 2 hours ahead of the scheduled start time. You will receive an email notification if a class you have signed up for is cancelled. Not receiving Praxis emails? Reach out to and we can help you with that. You can check our website live schedule, or your MindBody app. Sometimes, a 2 hour notice will not be possible with 5:30am and 6am classes. Check that your class is still scheduled on our website or in your MindBody App before you leave for class. 

Inclement Weather Policy

Unattended Children

For liability reasons we cannot allow children to be unaccompanied in the lobby while you are in class. 

We suggest you utilize the schedule page on this website when using a computer, or the MindBody app when using a phone. Click here to download the app. If you are using a promo/discount code, you must use this website. Unfortunately, the app does not support promo codes. 


If you cannot attend a class, PLEASE CANCEL AT LEAST 2 HOURS AHEAD OF CLASS START TIME. Please use one of the methods below. If you do not cancel 2 hours ahead of time, you will be charged for the class in whichever way you chose to pay when booking. If you cancel in time, that credit will be put back on your account for future use. 


Cancel a Class On this Website: 

1) From the Class Schedule page - click "My Account" in the top left of the booking calendar. 

2) If you are not already signed in, do so

3) Click "Schedule" on the left

4) Find the class you need to cancel and click "Cancel" on the right


Cancel a Class In the MindBody App:

1) If you haven't put us in your favorites list yet: Search for Praxis Yoga, and when our business profile is open click the heart on the right hand side of the page.

2) From your profile (bottom right of the page) you can see your schedule. From here you can cancel your class.

Dynamic Pricing in The MindBody App:

MindBody dynamic pricing (discounted drop in) is not refundable. 

How Do I Book or Cancel a Class?

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