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Experienced Yoga Teachers

Dr. Taryn Sweeney, Owner

Taryn is a Colorado Springs Native, 20+yr yoga practitioner. She has been teaching hot yoga styles for more than a decade at many studios in the Springs area. She earned her PhD in Philosophy from the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts in 2019. Her dogs (Bho  and Mindy) will often be in with her.

Ari M

Ari has been in the Colorado Spring area for 5+ years, teaching hot and vinyasa since 2018. Her guiding principles include incorporating small acts of service into every day, letting go of ideals of perfection in order to fully experience life, and being a lifelong learner. Yoga helps her balance physical activity, and has helped move her further toward healing from past trauma (a life-long journey). Students can expect to learn from Ari’s classes – more about their bodies and the amazing things bodies can do, about the various practices of yoga, and about themselves.

Lori B

Lori grew up in Colorado with a passion for movement. Studying many forms of dance from the time she was a child led her into a professional career following her dreams and heroes to L.A. Unfortunately she was sidelined by an injury and her dance career was cut far too short. However, that fateful event led her into another adventure-One where she would become the hero. She served over 10 years in the United States Air Force and traveled all over the globe, finally landing here in her home of beautiful Colorado Springs. She discovered yoga in 2003 attending a Hot Yoga class, and has since then embraced it with an open heart and arms. She is truly in love with her practice and hopes to share that love and passion with each student in her class. Rarely seen without an unwavering smile on her face, the energy you will receive from a class with Lori can only make your day wonderful and you a happier Yogi

Janet H

Janet started her yoga practice in a 90min hot wearing cotton sweats. Three years later she joined her first power teacher training. While not yet ready to teach (or take another hot yoga class) in the yoga world, she continued to practice. In 2009 she found her way into another hot yoga class and found one of her favorite teachers. That day she dedicated her self to her practice and her inner workings. She devoured what she could find for yoga, from inner workings to what music sounds best. She took hot teacher training shortly after and started to teach. In Janet’s classes you’ll find a love of music, a dynamic for voice cues, and passion to challenge yourself.

Suzanne M

With over 20 years of yoga experience, Suzanne has studied extensively to offer a practice which is both scientific and spiritual. Her classes are authentic, original, and often challenging, taking you from the outer practices of poses and exercises to the deeper dimensions of the yoga experience. She holds teaching certificates from the Shambhava School of Yoga, Cambio School of Yoga, The Kirtan Leader Institute, YMCA of the USA, Silver Sneakers, and Balanced Bodies Pilates. She is also a nationally certified Personal Trainer with yoga training and experience serving children, pre- and post-natal students, elder students, and chair yoga practitioners. Among her foundational beliefs are that yoga is for all people at all times in their lives, and that inclusiveness, transparency, and continued study in these areas are essential to the true practice of yoga.

Susan S

Susan believes a consistent yoga practice helps us explore who we are, what we are capable of, and who we want to become. She teaches that the physical challenge of yoga stretches and strengthens the muscles of our bodies while connecting us to our breath and mind. All of which brings clarity and counteracts the stresses of our daily lives. Susan’s classes take an intuitive approach of integrating alignment, flow, and balance creating a challenging and inspirational practice designed for all. First introduced to yoga in Las Vegas, NV, she has studied with numerous teachers over the last twenty-five years. Susan has a 200-hour certification from the Yoga Alliance registered School Yoga Institute, a 75 hr. Off the Mat and Into the World Yoga Leadership Training with Sean Corn, and a 50 hr. Advanced Alignment with Becca Roodhuyzen of Playoga. Susan is the former owner/director of the Gunnison Colorado Yoga Sanctuary and yoga teacher for Western State Colorado University. She also holds a MA in Pastoral Ministry and is a Les Mills certified BodyPump instructor, and VASA Studio Red Fitness Trainer. Susan is an artist and loves to paint, paddleboard, and hike the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Rita Ann

Rita Ann is a Colorado native and loves her state. Yoga has been a good part of her life for over twenty years. She has been teaching since 2002 the Bikram style, Hot Power Fusion and Core restore. Always learning new things. During the winter months she spend time sking, snowshoeing,and sometimes ice-climbing. During the spring, summer, and fall takes up cycling, hiking the peaks and lots of gardening. Massage therapy has been her profession for the last 25 years loving every moment of it.

Robert T

Robert has lived in Colorado Springs since 1973. He began practicing yoga in 1999 and began teaching both Hot and Hot Vinyasa in 2006. Robert primarily sticks with the Hot series. He finds the series to be both accessible to beginners as well as always challenging to the seasoned practitioner. He welcomes all to come in and work as hard or easy as they would like. Even just to take a 60 minute hot yoga nap if they need it.

Emily W

Emily's yoga journey started with meditation and chanting over 20 years ago and has now come full circle. Incorporating yoga philosophy, Bhakti, and Buddhist teachings to all of her dynamic vinyasa style classes brings a uniquely full experience to each student. She encourages people to connect back to their higher self while pushing minds and bodies into new and reflective shapes. Mindful engagement, self-expression and empowerment are cornerstones of her style of yoga. Emily believes in the balance between effort and ease in everything on and off the mat. Being a constant student and following the 8 Limb Path of Yoga has become Emily's life work. When she is not practicing yoga, she is spending time outdoors exploring all that Colorado has to offer with her husband and two children.

Mia H

Mia was born in Denver but grew up in Southern California. It is there she started practicing yoga following a knee injury. She fell in love with vinyasa and as she rehabilitated her knee she started venturing into mat Pilates and adding in weights to her practice. Mia loves how the strengthening aspects of weights and core work supports her overall practice. She has been teaching since 2011, vinyasa, Pilates, and Yoga Sculpt. Yoga has been such a huge part of her life as a whole, not just a physical practice at the studio but a way of life. Teaching first grade has been her profession for 7 years and she loves modeling for students how important and powerful mindfulness can be.

Amanda S

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Amanda is no stranger to travel. Toronto was where she fell in love with the practice of yoga. As an actress, she was able to incorporate pranayama breath work to help in grounding within characters, as well as Voice Over work. Using it as a tool to release the stresses of the day and connect within has made Amanda feel at home wherever she is. Amanda moved to Los Angeles 8 years ago and continued her career as a Voice Over actress. Coming to her mat to work through any stresses, fears and discomfort really grounded her during this time. Her love for self-discovery through yoga was what pushed Amanda to do yoga Teacher Training, and since then, there has been no looking back. Amanda has been teaching Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Sculpt for the past 5 years. She finds that no matter where you are in your life, physically and/or mentally, yoga can be a constant grounder and mirror into what makes us tick. Amanda has also become a Reiki Master and Energetic Healer working with Chakras and Color Therapy. Working with one’s frequency to balance, clear and raise their own vibration. Yoga experience is an amazing tool for this work. Amanda moved to Colorado Springs in July with her family and new puppy. She looks forward to meeting new people and creating space for yogis to explore their own practice, wherever they are at.

Tisha M

I LOVE practicing and teaching Hot Yoga. I hope to see you as a mat buddy or a class I’m honored to guest teach. Outside the studio I’m playing ball with the dogs or teaching Chemistry to first year college students.

Sarah S

Sarah has her 200hr Yoga Certification and 40hr Hot Yoga Certification. She is trained in Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Hot Yoga (26/2), Hot Power Fusion, Yin, and Yoga Sculpt. Sarah believes in the importance of moving your body, while also being okay with meeting yourself where you are at. Day to day is different and sometimes just showing up is the hardest part. Sarah strives to create an environment that is fun and inviting to everyone, while reminding her class that you can do absolutely anything when Beyoncé comes on. When she’s not on the mat, she trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, teaches cycling and BodyPump, and loves to read snuggled up with her two pups.

Lisa T

Lisa has been teaching yoga since 2009. She is a compassionate teacher who provides a supportive atmosphere for students. Her training is in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Alignment-based yoga, and mindfulness. In class she aims to provide a balance between healing and growth for students. In addition to being a Registered Yoga Teacher, she practices as a Dance/Movement Therapist and Professional Counselor. When she is not on the mat, she enjoys trail running, hiking, camping, skiing, and Bible study.

Jeff N

Jeff is originally from Texas where he engaged in endurance sports of many types including marathon canoeing, road and mountain biking, and ultrarunning. Graduate school for exercise physiology and job opportunities brought him to the mountain states where he has been since. He found yoga and or shall it be said that yoga found him in 2013. He took a power yoga class and a 90-minute hot class. It was awesome. It was challenging. A yoga practice provides a complementary foundation that supports any other activity that you are doing. In short order, he signed up for power and subsequently hot yoga teacher trainings. He is amazed at the benefits to the body, mind, and spirit one can receive from yoga. One take away message from yoga is that it is indeed a lifelong journey. It provides many lessons and golden nuggets along the way. It is a means by which one can fine-tune the body, mind, and spirit on multiple levels. It has been quite a journey into the physical and spiritual realms of yoga and has provided an enlightened perspective of the discipline. He was amazed of learning of the balances and imbalances of muscle and tendon function and the implication this has on performance physiology. Jeff sees yoga as a lifelong journey and looks forward to sharing the discipline with others. During classes that he teaches, Jeff will engage the student to connect with the workout and tap into the strength within.

Evelyn W

Evelyn was first introduced to meditation in high school. That introduction led to a lifelong learning adventure into the powerful tools that are available through the eight limbs of yoga. She currently teaches group, semi-private and private classes in Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, 26/2 Bikram yoga, Restorative/Yin yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. She is a Colorado Native who enjoys all the fabulous outdoor activities our beautiful state offers. Evelyn’s passion is to help students reach their highest potential, to find joy and contentment in their life while taking control of their health and wellbeing through a regular yoga practice and healthy eating. She designs her classes to challenge, invigorate and create a safe space for students to explore their own practice. The more comfortable they are on the mat the easier it is to let yoga penetrate all aspects of their lives. She loves all styles of yoga and strives to offer new experiences and insights for students each time they come to their mat. This is one of my favorite quotes: “We don’t see things as THEY are, we see them as WE are.” – Anonymous

Praxis Yoga instructor Morgen T

Morgen T

Hello! First, I'd like to acknowledge that I am a guest on the unceded territory of the Ute, Arapaho, and Cheyenne Peoples and am grateful to be able to meet at the base of Tava, Sun Mountain, to learn and teach on their lands. A bit about me... I teach sociology, gerontology, and social psychology at the university and college levels. My yoga journey began a year after undergoing spinal surgery in 2004. A few months into a regular hot yoga practice, I noticed improvement in my balance, strength, flexibility, pain level, and mental state. Curious to learn more about the benefits of yoga, I completed a 200-hour hot yoga teacher certification in 2010, a 200-hour vinyasa teacher certification in 2011, and a 300-hour certification in yoga therapy in 2016. I am a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher and educator with special emphasis on serving nontraditional students, especially people with disabilities, our wizened elders, trauma survivors, and those living with chronic pain and progressive conditions. I am a graduate of Matthew Sanford's Mind Body Solutions yoga school, which specializes in training yoga teachers to guide accessible yoga classes for people with disabilities and those living with the effects of trauma. I lead workshops on ethics and inclusion as well as adaptive yoga for disability. I currently guide hot yoga, yoga for mobility and healthy aging, and adaptive yoga for disability classes - all with accessibility, safety, and inclusion in mind. I would love to have you in class - I may even tell a few silly jokes. :)

Amanda S

Amanda has been teaching group fitness classes with a strong foundation on mindfulness and yoga since 2019. She loves to cultivate an accessible, inclusive, and fun environment for everyone to move. You can expect to be pushed by the music and pushed to your body's limits at the same time. Her goal is to prove to you how strong you truly are.

Alex Valdez

Mr. Valdez is a local burlesque performer/producer/legend of 15+ years. Join him for this empowering class that will get you movin'!


If you are interest in teaching at Praxis, email us your resume!

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